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About Us

PublicBell is the first cloud based global telecommunications and media company specializing in providing our customers with a variety of affordable phone and television services for the home and business. Based in Southern California, PublicBell is a privately held corporation that is leading the way in transitioning telecom and television into the cloud based systems needed by an evolving world. Our products and services are easy to use, affordable and available to customers looking for an alternative to traditional telcom or cable media offerings.

Service without interruption. Because we are a cloud based company we are able to provide services to almost anywhere in the world. Take your phone with you when you travel without the worry of not being able to connect with friends, family or business associates back home.

Affordability of service is our goal. We do our very best to reduce cost of service by using the most advance routing technology so that our customers pay the lowest available rates.

Business Phone Services

Conference Platform

Whether your organization is a small, medium or large business, our conferencing solution is for you. PublicBell’s web conferencing platform can help connect people across large distances, neutralize technical barriers, and create new collaborative spaces. Make a reservation for your call and use a dedicated dial-in number, PIN and PIN less pass code to enter the conference without operator assistance. No reservation? No problem. Host meetings/conferences with any number of participants using our solution. There is no limitation. It is easy to use our solution with a self managed account portal for every client. Conferences/meetings can also be recorded using our solution.

PublicBell's Voice Broadcast Platform

Organizations or individuals can use PublicBell’s voice broadcast platform to send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to customers, employees, voters, and more within seconds. Our solution is easy and cost-effective way to reach more in less time. PublicBell’s voice broadcast platform has numerous applications spanning across industries. Our solution is very simple to setup and will add a personal touch to your communications.

Our solution can transmit bulk phone messages to millions of recipients at the same time. Your pre-recorded voice message can go out to customers, prospects or staff. Recorded messages can be phoned through to recipients and answering machines. If our voice broadcast platform detects no answer or a busy signal, the message can be rescheduled for retransmission at a later time.

PublicBell’s voice broadcast platform is the perfect solution for call center marketing programs, customer reminders, political campaigns etc. Our voice broadcasting solution is simple to use, 100% web-based and delivers results in real-time. All you need to supply is your message by recording your own or uploading a file with our self service customer panel.

PublicBell's Fax Platform

PublicBell’s fax platform can be used by any person or organisation no matter the size. Send fax via Internet, Email, Fax-to-Fax using our solution.

Sending and receiving fax via our solution is easy. Send and receive faxes over the internet directly from your email client, and eliminate the hassle and expense of manual faxing.

Key benefits include:

• No more missing important documents:
Receiving and Sending faxes directly from your Computer, your Fax machine and Email using our fax platform

• It is simple and automated: Setup is easy and requires no maintenance

• It allows Least Cost Routing (LCR) cheaper rates.

• Safe and secure: No more paper trail, no risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

• Fits with any business need: Seamless integration with your existing email environment.

• Supports DID (Your own Fax Number) for Incoming/Outgoing Faxes delivery and sending via email, web or fax machine.

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Business Enterprise/PBX
Business Call Center Solutions

PublicBell’s Multi Tenant IP PBX platform offers telecom service providers, small, medium and large organisations a powerful platform to serve the IP-PBX market. This platform comes with unlimited IP-PBX multi-tenants, user/company self portal, and LCR are just some of the advanced features included in our solution.

PublicBell’s IP PBX platform has almost 100 features making it the most flexible PBX available in the market today. Here are some of the PBXs features:

• 3 Way Calling
• Auto Attendants
• Backup/Restore of Configuration Files
• Barge In on Call
• Blind Call
• Block Anonymous Calls
• Block Caller ID
• Busy Lamp Fields
• Call Detail Records
• Call Forward
• Call Logging
• Call Park/Pickup
• Call Redial
• Call Return
• Call Screening
• Caller ID
• Conference
• Daily Email Reports
• Do Not Disturb
• Email Conference Invites
• Full System Logging
• Hot Desking
• Hunt Groups
• Intercom Support
• IVR Nodes – Customize Call Flows
• Listen to Call
• Live Status Reporting
• Monitoring Support
• Multiple Phone Registrations
• Music on Hold
• Paging Groups
• Recording
• Routing
• Scheduled
• Transfer Attended
• Voicemail
• Wake up Calls
• Whisper

PB PBX2 Small Business
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PB PBX10 For Business
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